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WebSite X5 - Changelog


WebSite X5  -  2021.5.4[BETA]


  • Solved an issue on Evo preventing the project to be correctly saved in case the WebSite X5 Comments option was active. 


  • Solved some graphic issues on the Object interface occurring when resizing the WebSite X5 window.


  • Improved some translations into Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Slovenian
  • Minor fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.5.3

Row Style

  • Solved an issue causing the program to unexpectedly close if a vertical image was set as row background

Social Commerce

  • Solved compatibility issue with some characters for the products included in the Social Commerce CSV file


  • Minor fixes

NEW: Multiple Location Map

  • Show on a map created with Google Maps some pins to display sales or interest points addresses.


WebSite X5  -  2021.5.2


Shipment Tracking (Pro only)

Customers love to be able to track the shipping status of products they have purchased online. Now you can offer the same service and make sure that your store's customers are notified when you send them a tracking link.

Social Commerce (Pro only)

Social media are no longer just places of fun: they are becoming real showcases to promote and buy products. That's why we introduced the possibility of integrating the WebSite X5 e-commerce with Facebook and Instagram. In just a few steps, your products will be available on the Facebook Shop as well as on the Instagram shoppable posts.

VAT Management (Pro only)

Recently, some new European provisions regarding the VAT for f cross-border sales have been introduced. In order for your online shop to comply with these new regulations, we have updated the way the VAT is managed by adding the possibility of setting different taxes, also in relation to the Country.

Animated backgrounds for line styles

By adding effects to your line styles, you can create high-impact bands that are perfect for highlighting your most important content. Now you can take advantage of one more option and choose an eye-catching animated background for the line.

Blur effect

Added the ability to set the blur effect on the content background when opening the ShowBox window.

SKU Code

This new field is now available: the SKU code can be used as search key both within WebSite X5 and on the online store. It will also be

Note: Added some preset texts which are only available in EN, DE, IT, ES and FR. You can find and customize these texts on Step 1 >  Content Language. The elements in question are: cart_sku, admin_confirm_process_tracking_code, email_tracking_code, email_tracking_info, tracking_code.


WebSite X5  -  2021.4.7

Contact Form

  • Solved case in which the bug fix introduced in the previous BETA wasn't affecting the existing contact forms.

NEW: Party Page

  • Make your website pages more vibrant and sparkling: animate them with an explosion of coins, stars, hearts or any element you'd like.


WebSite X5  -  2021.4.6

Contact Form

  • In some cases, the e-mails weren't correctly sent

Shopping Cart

  • Solved compatibility issues with some product CSV files


  • Improved some translation in Russian and Greek
  • Minor fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.4.5

Contact Form

  • The project import could affect the correct formatting of the "Agreement Conditions" field.
  • The "Agreement Conditions" field could prevent the project to be correctly saved if a link was set.
  • With some configurations, the e-mail confirmation for the administrator wasn't correctly sent.


  • Updated some incomplete localizations
  • Minor fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.4.4


WebSite X5 Hosting

While you walk through your website creation, we want to hold your hand from the beginning till the end. This is why we've created WebSite X5 Hosting, the tailor-made hosting service for WebSite X5.

The service has been included into the software license, so you will get the associated hosting plan for 12 months:

  • Hosting Evo: 100 GB webspace, 1 mailbox and an automatic domain.
  • Hosting Pro: 500 GB webspace, 5 mailboxes, database plus an automatic domain.

Perfectly compatible, already integrated and without additional costs: in short, hosting has never been so simple!

Export online

We have of course updated the export window of the site online. If you choose to take advantage of the included WebSite X5 Hosting you don't have to do anything at all, not even worry about entering the connection parameters to the server and the database: we’ve already thought about it. Now you can be sure that you have no compatibility issues. Alternatively, you can always pick and use another Provider.

Control panel

To help you manage the Hosting included with your WebSite X5 license, we’ve developed an intuitive control panel: you will find it in your profile. Everything will always be at your fingertips.

Contact form

We’ve gathered several requests on the Contact Form Object and they have been fulfilled. Small but significant tricks that will improve your forms even more:

  • the possibility of providing a confirmation message, as well as a confirmation page, after sending the data
  • a text editor to add Acceptance Conditions
  • the calendar icon has a new place and a new style
  • Text Field filters have been improved
  • the text style of fields and labels can be customized
  • the WebSite X5 captcha design has been reviewed

User Interface - Site settings

There’s always something that can be improved. We have removed the division between general and advanced settings in Step 1. Thus, once you have defined your project's basic information for the first time, you will not have to go back to this window and, in addition, you can always see and find all the features you need to complete your work: e-commerce, blog, password-protected areas, etc.

User Interface - Data management

With WebSite X5 Hosting, database management is easier, therefore the database management section in step 1 has been removed. You will have to add server and database activation parameters during the export phase, only if you choose to use another Provider.


WebSite X5  -  2021.3.5

Shopping cart

  • The payment method SagePay has been updated to its new name: Opayo
  • In some cases, the VAT wasn't calculated correctly in the popup that opens when a product is added to the cart
  • Solved a specific occurrence where discounts and availability for a product weren't correctly displayed on the Product Sheet or E-commerce Search Page


  • Minor fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.3.4

Contact Form

  • The field "Check Question" now correctly checks the reported answer.
  • Fixed conversion error occurring on the Date field when the page was translated using Google Translate.

Shopping Cart

  • Fixed some specific cases where the shipping costs weren't correctly applied if the VAT was set as "excluded".
  • The layout settings defined for the product description are now correctly reported on the Product Sheet page.

Search field

  • The search result loading speed has been optimized.


  • It is now possible to set a dark background for the blog article text editor.
  • In some cases, the highlighted articles weren't correctly displayed.


  • Fixed issue causing a white screen to be displayed during the configuration of some Optional Objects.
  • Various Fixes



NEW: DP Check

  • Use the GDPR Toolkit to create your privacy statement and thus make your website compliant with the regulations.
    To start with, please register here:


WebSite X5  -  2021.3.3

Product Sheet Page

  • Solved graphical issues occurring on the Product Sheet Pages when displayed on non-responsive websites
  • The product option fields now correctly take on the font set on Step 2- Text style


  • It is now possible to disable the comments for single blog articles using the specific option


  • Solved some compatibility issues related to specific PHP versions
  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.3.1

Data Management

  • NEW No matter how small a website is, it will almost always rely on a database in order to function properly. We have then simplified the way the database function is managed: it is now possible to connect a single database to the project and, moreover, it is WebSite X5 itself which now automatically creates and renames all the necessary tables for a correct and efficient data management. This makes everything easier.


  • NEW The Blog settings window now completely focuses on the Post list display and management. Consequently, the Blog Title and Description can be set using the specific SEO section.


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.8


  • Fixed some graphical issues for filters on the Ecommerce: Search page
  • Main options for products now display the correct price on the Product Sheet when selected
  • In some cases, the Showbox would not open correctly when clicking on the Gallery inside a Product Sheet


  • Various fixes



NEW: Pricing Table

  • Create a table to compare products and plans. Offer your customers the best solution according to their needs.


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.7


  • The effects set on the blog article images are now correctly saved.


  • Corrected some translations
  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.6


  • On iOS, the shopping cart can empties correctly once the order is complete. 
  • The graph available on the website control panel now correctly reports the discounts applied to the orders.

Product Page

  • In some cases, the product option fields didn't resize properly when selecting an option.


  • Solved issues preventing the projects imported from earlier versions to be correctly opened. 
  • The logic managing the resizing of the product images and the blog cover has been reviewed.
  • Various fixes.


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.5

Shopping Cart

  • Solved an issue which prevented the digital products to be correctly saved in the Database


  • It is again possible to set the custom URL for the Blog articles


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.4

Shopping cart

  • Solved an issue that prevented orders to be correctly placed on the Evo version

Product Sheet Page

  • Solved issues affecting the correct generation of the Product Page
  • The Details section is now resized when you switch Tab according to the selected Tab height.


  • Various Fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.2.3

Product page

  • Solved issue which prevented the Product Pages to be displayed if the Structured Data weren't active.
  • The Product Pages are now correctly displayed on resolutions for which the Side Bar is active.
  • The fixed discount is now correctly displayed on both the Product Pages and the Product Search page.
  • The Product Pages now generate the 'canonical' tag.
  • The Product Pages now correctly displays the product image in case the direct link is shared.


  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.2


Product Sheet Page (for Pro only)

Here's what was still missing for a top e-commerce. Now WebSite X5 creates automatically a product page for each product. The Product Sheets have image galleries, texts, prices, related products, reviews, social buttons and, of course, the Buy button. Quick to create, optimized for sales, responsive, complete with structured data: in short, perfect!

Product sheet details:

  • Image gallery: import not only images but also videos and present your product in the best possible way.
  • Details: in addition to a short description, include longer texts to highlight the features and benefits of your product. Text can be organized in tabs to achieve a more efficient result.
  • Related products: you have your customer's attention so grab the opportunity to present other products in the same category. Do it all with one click.
  • Reviews: Customers trust the opinion of other customers. Invite them to leave a review of your product or rate it.
  • Connection: the Product Sheet pages are connected to the cards of the Product Catalog Object or of the Search Page. With a new link, however, you can connect them as you like.
  • Preview: by selecting a product and clicking on the Preview button, you will see the local preview of the related Product Sheet page. A small yet useful shortcut.
  • Responsive: we know that many purchases are made from smartphones, so we have made sure that the Product Sheet pages are responsive and always allow the best shopping experience.
  • Structured data: it's essential to allow Google to understand page content and enrich the SERP. Obviously we have also included them for the Product Data Sheet pages.

Control Panel and WebSite X5 Manager App (only for Pro)

As we said, you can ask customers that use your Product Sheet pages to leave a review or to express a vote: the power of word of mouth is always a great idea. We have updated the online Control Panel and the WebSite X5 Manager App to more conveniently moderate comments and manage conversations, including those relating to products.

User Interface

The information you can enter on a store product as well as for a blog post is a lot and the Product Settings and Article Settings windows were starting to get a bit to crowded. With the new interface, however, everything is tidier and now creating the catalog or writing a post is even more enjoyable.


As for store products, also for Blog articles we have added a new type of link to connect a specific post and the possibility of calling up the local preview of individual posts.

New PHP version, PHPMailer and JQuery

WebSite X5 is now compatible with PHP version 8, with PHPMailer version 6.3.0 and JQuery 3.6.0: your sites will be even safer and faster.


WebSite X5  -  2021.1.5

Contact Form

  • The description tooltip used on the Separator field is now correctly displayed.

Step 4 > Effects

  • Solved issues occurring when copying the effects of an Object for which the Lazy Loading option was active, which could lead to some visualization errors on the Object itself.

Row Formats

  • Improved graphic output of the image list during the page loading.


  • Solved compatibility issues concerning the chart calculation with some specific servers.


  • Various fixes.



NEW: Phosphor Icons

  • Use the Phosphor Icons: they suit any occasion. Choose the best one, customize colors, sizes and effects and possibly add a link.


WebSite X5  -  2021.1.4

Row Formats

  • In some cases the overlay effect used for the Row Formats could overlap the objects added on the page.


  • Solved some interface issues which affected the possibility of adding the blog article sources.

Search Object

  • For some configurations, the Search Object didn't work properly on Evo.


  • It is now possible to completely disable the suggestion bar. The option is available on the Preference window you can open on the software start page.  
  • Minor localization fixes


WebSite X5  -  2021.1


User Interface

Partly because trends change, partly because you never stop improving, it was time to make WebSite X5's graphical interface fresher. We have cleaned, finished, moved ... everything to create a harmonious and tidy environment, capable of making your work enjoyable. And here's the result!

Welcome Page

WebSite X5 is a wizard, a magician or, in other words he's your special helper made to help you enjoy website creation. He welcomes you to a redesigned and quicker start page, full of information and content that can be useful to you.

Project Preview

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words: find what you are looking for at a glance. Here's why we've added previews for existing projects: it's easier now to find the project you are looking for.

Template (Only Pro)

With the right Template half the work is done. In the preset Template gallery of WebSite X5 Pro you will find 5 new solutions: do you want to find out how they look and how to use them for your next projects?

Search field Object

Give your user what he is looking for instantly, without inaccuracies or waste of time: it's everyone's goal on the web. From today you can count on an even more performing internal search engine, by setting the search on the whole site, only on e-commerce products or only on blog posts.

Row Formats

Working on row formats allows you to complete and garnish your template by creating fancy full-width backgrounds. You asked us to add transition effects to the image list background and to allow image timing, so we did.



NEW: Vivid Icons

  • Enrich your pages with all the Vivid.js multicolor icons: you can customize the shades, set effects and add a link.


WebSite X5  -  2020.3.8


  • When using PayPal Commerce Platform as payment method, there could be some issues if some special characters were used in the address fields when placing an order.
  •  Some address fields are now mandatory if the chosen payment method is PayPal Commerce Platform.

Comments and Ratings

  • The Gravatar avatars are now correctly connected in HTTPS


  • Tooltips now correctly display the linked audio files.


  • Solved an issue that could result in an error displayed when opening an IWZIP file directly by double-clicking on it.


WebSite X5  -  2020.3.7

Shopping cart

  • In some cases, the price difference according to the purchase country wasn't correctly reported in the e-mails.


  • Some configurations could affect the way YouTube videos were displayed on Showbox 


  • Solved an issue which prevented the audio files to be correctly displayed on online blog articles.


  • Solved some issues affecting the way the preview was generated when an Object was copied and pasted from a project to the other.
  • Updated translations in Greek and Polish
  • Various fixes



NEW: Hover Image

  • Add an image and display the associated text and button with a transition effect on mouseover.


WebSite X5  -  2020.3.6


  • Solved issue preventing some projects not to be correctly opened.


WebSite X5  -  2020.3.5


  • Solved some graphical issues affecting the visualization of filters specifically on Firefox.

Advertising Message

  • In some cases, the ads shown in a box weren't correctly displayed.

Row formats

  • Fixed abnormal behavior of the Copy/Paste/Cut commands.

Video and Audio

  • Fixed visualization issue affecting Vimeo videos


  • Updated translations in Russian, Portuguese and Slovenian
  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2020.2.7


  • Solved an issue which negatively affected the payment procedure using PayPal Commerce Platform, so it wasn't possible to complete the procedure correctly (Evo only)
  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2020.3.4

Shopping Cart

  • In some cases, the property filters available on the product search page wouldn't filter the results properly.

Comments and Ratings

  • Some particular configurations could cause issues when importing the projects into the new version.
  • Some particular configurations could cause a visualization issue for comments reporting a link.


  • Added localization in Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2020.3


E-commerce - Personalized search filters (for Pro)

We've introduced the option to create new, personalized filters for the Shopping Cart Search page. All you need to do is add and customize the relevant product properties (e.g. "brand", "size", "power", etc.) so that Customers can find them and use them as search criteria within your online store.

E-commerce - Shipping costs by country (for Pro)

Site owners already had the option of offering different shipping costs based on the total value of an order, or the overall weight of the goods in the order. Now, you can also adjust shipping costs based on the destination Country of each order.

E-commerce - PayPal Commerce Platform payments

We've integrated the 3D Secure protocol to increase the level of security for Credit Card transactions, and we've activated new measures to ensure that returns are processed correctly, when it comes to shipping physical goods.

Comments & Ratings

Your readers' feedback is important: that's why we've completely overhauled how ratings and comments are appear, updating your blog or website pages to make them more contemporary and user-friendly.

Internal Anchors

In addition to using them for Objects, you can now also insert Anchors directly into the page's Rows. This makes it easier to create internal links, especially for one-page sites that use the Full Height feature to scroll through vertical "sheets".

Row Style

We've redesigned the graphic interface of the Row Style window to make it more user-friendly and more in line with the Object Grid.

Other Updates

  • We optimized the project file saving system to prevent damage or corruption during saves and back-ups (e.g. disk errors).
  • We updated the version of JQuery used in WebSite X5 sites in order to improve performance and security.

We have added new texts which are automatically generated by the program. Such texts are already translated into the main languages (i.e. English, German, Spanish, French and Italian), but they may now not available for the other languages the website is available in.


WebSite X5  -  2020.2.6

NEW We've Integrated the PayPal Commerce Platform

Thanks to this new integration, accepting all kinds of payment in your online store is easier than ever. The PayPal Commerce Platform allows you to manage all the most popular payment methods in each country from a single account: credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal accounts, and most importantly, countless other local payment methods (for example, MyBank, iDeal, Soford, Giropay, etc., to name just a few) used in over 190 countries around the world, with over 100 different currencies.

The launch of the PayPal Commerce Platform also means that the old PayPal payment system is now deprecated.

Already have a PayPal account? Connect it to your WebSite X5 online store right away. Don't have one yet? Register now: all it takes is a few clicks. Read our special guide to learn how:


  • Solved an issue related to the generation of the Structured Data for the Blog articles. 
  • In some cases, the text of the articles set as highlighted wasn't correctly positioned on the Blog main page. 

Shopping Cart

  • Improved graphic layout of the product details window which appears when the product is added to the cart without leading the customer to the checkout page.
  • In some cases, during the checkout process, the cost for the chosen payment method didn't reflect the possible discounts set on the products.
  • Using the "Back" button on the browser once the order was complete could generate some graphical issues on the cart page. 

HTML5 Animation Object

  • Some particular animations weren't displayed as centered in the space they had been inserted in.


  • Various fixes
  • Corrected some localization mistakes.



NEW: Reservio

  • Activate an online booking system with a calendar on your web site.
    To use this service you need to subscribe to



NEWVertical Timeline (available since WebSite X5 2020.2.5)

  • Create a timeline displaying the most relevant stages of a particular process in chronological order.

NEW: Accordion Text/FAQ (available since WebSite X5 2020.2.5)

  • Add text and FAQ with accordion style: the text is shown after clicking on the titles. (If you already own the Accordion Text Object, the Accordion Text/FAQ Object is free for you)


WebSite X5  -  2020.2.5


  • The structured data for the blog articles now include the images added in the article itself and the cover image as well.


  • Various fixes
  • Improved the Optional Objects preview performances


WebSite X5  -  2020.2.4

Image Object

  • Fixed an issue which caused the preview image on the side to not be updated when the file assigned to the Object was changed


  • In some cases, enabling the Structured Data option could prevent the Blog from showing correctly online
  • The "title" tag of the blog's main page now follows the same configuration as the other website's pages instead of the blog article's ones at Step 1 -> Website Optimization, SEO -> HTML Tag

Table Object

  • In some cases, deleting a row could cause other rows to be deleted as well


  • Some special characters input by the user when completing an order could be displayed erroneously once the PayPal page was reached


  • Various fixes

NEWParallax Image

  • Add an image and set the parallax effect on it, so to see it moving while scrolling down the page.

NEW: Freshchat

  • Activate a chat service on your website, start conversing with your visitors and turn your new leads into satisfied customers. To use this service, please register here:


WebSite X5  -  2020.2.0


Structured Data (Pro only)

We've significantly enhanced the use of structured data to optimize pages for Search Engines. Structured data describes the pages' content in a way that's more easily comprehensible for Search Engines, who use it to enrich their SERP.
We've implemented the use of structured data for:

  • Article: To describe the information contained in Blog articles.
  • Breadcrumb: To describe the path that leads to Blog articles.
  • Carousel: To display posts from a Blog category or products available on a single page in a carousel.
  • Local Business: To connect a company's site with information about its physical location: address, opening hours, contact information, etc.
  • Logo: To define the organization's logo.
  • Product: To describe individual products in an online store.
  • Sitelinks searchbox: To define how to carry out a search within the site.
  • Speakable: To identify the parts of a blog post that can be read aloud by a Voice Assistant.
  • Video: To describe the videos present on a website.

SEO - UI (Pro only)

We've added a section that's entirely dedicated to SEO, separating it out from the section for activating the site's analytics services and inserting personalized code.

Other updates

  • The settings for the Online Control Panel and WebSite X5 Manager App have been combined in one section. (Pro only)
  • If the website is displayed on Internet Explorer 11, a message pops up informing the visitor that the browser is outdated and that some functions necessary for a correct display of the website may not be supported.



NEWVimeo Gallery

  • Create a gallery with your favorite Vimeo videos: the thumbnails grid makes it easier to browse them.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.14

Shopping Cart

  • Solved other specific cases where it wasn't possible to proceed with the purchase if the customer reported different billing and shipping details
  • In some cases, the "back" button during the purchase process didn't lead to the correct page


  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.13

Shopping Cart

  • Product images were displayed out of proportion on the smartphone resolution, in the window which is displayed by adding a product to the shopping cart.
  • Some product boxes could have different sizes on the product search page.
  • In some cases, the chosen sub-options weren't correctly stored.
  • In some particular cases, the discount on quantity wasn't correctly calculated.
  • Some operations on the product search page which could slow down its loading speed have been optimized.
  • The table reporting the order details on the last step of the purchase process now takes on the same style set for the other tables of the purchase process.
  • On the smartphone resolution, if a valid coupon code is added, the page will lead the user to the summary box placed on top.



NEWGoogle Forms

  • Add polls, surveys and quizzes using Google Forms and collect your users' feedback.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.12

Shopping Cart

  • Solved an issue for which some e-commerce resources would be attached more than once in the project, which increased its size.

Row Formats

  • In some cases, the scroll arrow wasn't displayed correctly on the page, if the Full Height function had been set.


  • Some localizations have been fixed.
  • In some cases the images inside showboxes might be displayed as deformed.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.10

Shopping Cart

  • In some cases, the tooltip set on mouseover for the product title didn't work properly.
  • Solved issue causing the impossibility of proceeding to the final step of the purchase process if no payment or shipping method had been set.
  • In some cases, the link for the post-payment sent via e-mail didn't correctly lead to the order page.
  • Improved lateral box function during the purchase process, which now shows shipping and payment costs as well as other additional details.
  • In some cases, the filter sidebar on the product search page didn't take on the correct styles.
  • In some cases, it wasn't possible to proceed to the next steps of the purchase process if the shipping details differed from the invoicing ones.
  • Fixed issues on discounts, where the coupon codes and the total amount weren't correctly reported in the order summary.


  • Improved the project elaboration and opening speed.
  • Corrected some localization mistakes.
  • Various fixes.



NEWCursor Trail Effects

  • Add an effect to the mouse pointer: by dragging it, you will see a trail of drops, flashes, flowers or other elements falling down.

NEWCursor Floating Trail

  • Animate the mouse pointer so to display a floating trail of bubbles, balloons, stars or other elements when you drag it.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.8

Shopping Cart

  • If one of the checkboxes for the acceptance of the shopping cart "Conditions and terms" is selected, the other one is automatically selected as well.
  • In some cases, the costs for the selected shipping and payment methods weren't correctly reported in the order summary e-mail.
  • Solved price update issue when a product option was selected on the search page.
  • Fixed some graphical issues of the purchase process.
  • Solved issue related to the impossibility of adding products to the shopping cart and causing the search page to be displayed as empty.
  • In some cases, the discount applied to a product according to its weight wasn't correctly reported in the linked tooltip.
  • The space for the product descriptions on the order summary page has been increased.
  • The "Continue Shopping" button isn't available in the shopping cart, in case it is empty and it hasn't been emptied by the customer.
  • In some cases, the encrypted passwords were wrongly assigned to the database.
  • Removed the options for the customization of the purchase process and the product availability options from the Evo edition, as these options are exclusively available for Pro.
Access Management
  • If a redirect after the access was set on a user, he or she was redirected to a general login page instead of the correct page (Evo only).

Search Page

  • The button style available on the search page now takes on the settings reported on Step 2 > Text style.
  • When searching a product using the website search function, the "Add to cart" button is now correctly displayed.


  • Solved speed issues for projects including a store.
  • Added missing localizations in French for the purchase process.
  • Solved localization issues in Spanish for the shopping cart.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.7

Access Management

  • Solved an issue reporting login data as incorrect while accessing the website (Evo only)
WebSite X5  -  2020.1.6


  • The order shipping e-mail for the digital products wouldn't be sent in case the payment via PayPal had been modified for the second time (Pro only).
  • Improved the visualization for the wrong coupon code error for the responsive resolution (Pro only).
  • Improved the visualization for the filter bar which might sometimes have displayed some horizontal scroll bars. Moreover, on some specific browsers the tick symbol wasn't properly aligned (Pro only).
  • NEW: added a default text to be displayed when the product search leads to no results.
  • Added some missing texts in Russian for the content language.
  • Aligned the font used for the order confirmation e-mail.

Access Management

  • The password recovery e-mail wasn't correctly sent if the registered user had been removed from the admin panel (Pro only).
  • An error was displayed during the users' login on the website (Evo only).


  • NEW: Added Brazilian localization.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.5

Shopping Cart

  • Solved issue which could cause the shopping cart pages to be displayed in smartphone resolution instead of desktop one.
  • Solved issue causing a malfunction of the shopping cart for the non-responsive websites.

Access Management

  • Solved issue causing an error which prevented the user to correctly log in on the website.


WebSite X5  -  2020.1.4



  • You can now add a search page within your website for your customers to search through all the products in their shopping cart. This search page design and layout can be customized and several filter options can be added. (Pro version only)
  • The "add products" window now includes the option of searching through existing products: this makes it easier to manage catalogs with many items. (Pro version only)
  • We've separated the section where you insert products from the online store design. You can now customize the Special Pages in the Map, called "Online Shopping Cart: search" and "Online Shopping Cart: shopping cart and checkout", and choose your design. 
  • We've added a useful new feature to the Insert Link options: a shortcut to the "Product Search" window to find a specific product category.
  • We've optimized the store's check-out process by improving how the registration process behaves, the payment/shipping methods, and the order confirmation steps.
  • We've overhauled the design and layout of the checkout pages in order to make them even more clear and user-friendly for the clients placing orders.
  • The mouse-over effect is now available for images in product pages and images in the online cart search page.

Access Management

  • Clients who have registered to access your website's secured pages, will now find a new process for requesting a password reset: this increases the site's security standards, as well as complying with the directives of the GDPR.


  • As with the online store, we've separated the content management aspects from the design and layout elements. Now, you can manage all your design features through the Special Pages titled "Blog: home page" and "Blog: article" in the Map.


  • We've increased fro 64 to 96, the number of lines that can be added to each website page.
  • We've updated the minimum server requirements to PHP 7.1.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.17


  • Modified window for the import of online images and added Premium section.
  • In some cases, when opening the project, the project could lose the Google Fonts connected to it.
  • For some configurations, the tooltip wasn't correctly aligned to the content.
  • Various fixes.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.16

Text Object

  • In some cases, if more tabs were active for the same Object, the navigation arrows weren't correctly displayed.

Menu Object

  • In some cases, the pages set as under construction could cause visualization issues in menus with more levels

Gallery Object

  • Fixed a localization problem in the Object settings
  • In some cases, a wrong number of thumbnails was shown in the lower resolutions

Comments and Ratings Object

  • Fixed a problem affecting the possibility of editing the name for the data destination folder after it had been set for the first time

Entry Page

  • The option to play an audio file at the page opening has been removed, as this function is automatically disabled on browsers


  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.14

Contact Form Object

  • In some cases, e-mails coming from the Contact Forms weren't correctly sent.



NEW: Cursor Click Effects

  • Rock your pages and add an animation effect on the mouse pointer click.

NEW: Logo Slider

  • Give your website a better authority by creating a slideshow with your partners' logos, with the brands you offer and the magazines reviewing your product and/or services.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.13

Button Object

  • In some cases, the cell effects weren't properly applied

Contact Form Object

  • For some configurations, the font wasn't correctly applied in the e-mails.

Shopping Cart

  • In particular situations, the "Continue shopping" button would redirect to the wrong page


  • Solved compatibility issue with the version 5.6 of PHP, which had been introduced with the last beta version.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.12

Shopping Cart

  • The e-mail text for physical and digital products was inverted within the software UI.
  • The PayPal payment button wasn't correctly displayed on incomplete payment e-mail notifications.


  • In some cases the mouseover effects on the article page numbering buttons wasn't correctly displayed.

Gallery Object

  • In some cases the number of visible thumbnails wasn't correct on mobile.

Menu Object

  • In some cases the level menu background wasn't correctly displayed.


  • For some configurations the full-height effect wasn't correctly displayed if the zoom factor was set on 125%
  • In particular cases the program text editors didn't display any contents.
  • Various Fixes.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.11

Product Catalog Object

  • In some cases the product sheets weren't correctly positioned.
  • The custom code used for the payment wasn't correctly interpreted if it any comments were included in it.


  • During the project loading process an error message concerning some invalid characters in the path could be displayed.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.10

Gallery Object

  • In some cases the thumbnails weren't correctly displayed.
  • The color variant for the thumbnails wasn't correctly applied.

Product Catalog Object

  • In some cases, the product boxes weren't correctly displayed.

Contact Form Object

  • For some configurations, it wasn't possible to edit the items in the Single Choice field.


  • In some particular cases, the link inserted in blog articles weren't correctly generated.


  • In some particular cases, an error message could be displayed when exporting the project online.
  • Various fixes.



NEW: Spotify

  • Enable your visitors to listen to an album, a track, a playlist or to follow an artist using Spotify.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.9


  • New Content Slider Object: With this Content Slider, you can create sliders in which, in addition to an image, each slide contains a background, a title, a description, and a link-enabled button. Basically, it's the perfect Object for an eye-catching Home Page.
  • New Button Object: You can't have a website without buttons: now they're easy to create with the Button Object. Customize text, appearance, and link in just a few clicks, and your button is ready to use.
  • Suggestions Toolbar: We've re-organized and enhanced WebSite X5's support materials with new content. You can find all kinds of new articles, videos, and tutorials in the Help Center's new Guide section (, as well as through the new Suggestions Toolbar in the software itself.
  • Template Library: We've added 10 new Templates for Pro, and updated 5 Templates that can be used with both Evo and Pro. The new Content Slider object has been added into all these templates.
  • Object Management Window: We've redesigned the Object Management window, making it faster and more intuitive to search and select Objects for your project.
  • SEO - Page Loading Speed: Along with other factors, Google favors pages that load the fastest. That's why, in order to increase page loading speeds, we made the following changes:
    • New image compression engine for Pro : All images added into a project can be optimized later using the newly integrated image compression engine. By optimizing images, their overall dimensions can be reduced up to 60%.
    • Gzip Compression for Pro : Now, files can be compressed into the Gzip format before being sent to the browser for display, this speeds up transmission times. With Gzip, the HTML, JS, and CSS files can be compressed up to 80%!
    • Minify resources for Pro : When you export your website, all of the project's JS and CSS files can be minified to make them faster and more lightweight. This involves deleting superfluous characters (spaces, line breaks, comments, etc.) from the code, without compromising its functions.
    • Loading fonts: A fallback font is automatically specified for each project: so users can immediately view the page's text when published online, even before the correct fonts load and are applied. This means the page appears to load faster.


  • New styles added to the Object Gallery's miniature library
  • Added the New category amongst the Template search filters.
  • Added the Used in Project category to the Object search filters. This will make it easier to find the objects you use the most in an ongoing project.