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How to choose colors with the Eyedropper tool  en

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Learn how to add a color to the WebSite X5 color palette with this tip, using the Eyedropper tool.Keep in mind that you can use the color palette to choose colors of text, cell background, row, header and shopping cart text.

1. Open the color palette. For instance, click the Text Color from the Text editor

2. Click the Eyedropper icon on the bottom-right and hold down to start the tool.

3. Keep holding and drag the Eyedropper out of the editor area onto an image or element to select a color. For example, you can select the color of an image that is saved on your desktop. Now you can see the selected color in the Eyedropper box.

4. Release and the color is automatically savedamongst the last colors that you have picked.

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