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I understand that each privacy policy must be unique to the business that the website promotes. However I am completely confused on how GDPR impacts on cookie widgets/pop up boxes. The term 'active acceptance of cookies has been used' and I am not sure how I can keep a record when someone clicks that they accept cookies from a widget/pop up box.

Is it sufficient that the widget/pop up box that I am using asks them to accept (but I have no way of knowing who has visited and that they have accepted) even though the rules imply that I must have the warning as any analytical device could potentially identify an IP address. Secondly will it be enough that the widget/pop up box dos not have options to decide which cookies they receive but it does have a link that not only explains what cookies are but also shows how to switch both cookies and third party cookies off in their browser.

To emphasis I only need info re cookies.


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Elisa B.

Dear Steve, 

thank you for your message.

In order to comply with the GDPR, it is necessary to guarantee the user the possibility to request to modify or cancel his or her data. To comply with this aspect, it is sufficient to indicate in your privacy policies that the modification or cancellation can be requested by contacting the person in charge of processing the company's data, for example through an email or a letter.

The Cookies are not directly related to the GDPR. However, you can create a Cookie installation warning banner on your website. In this case, the banner created with WebSite X5 remains valid, so you can continue to use it. The banner is in fact only a mandatory information used to warn the user about the fact that the site uses cookies.

If you use profiling cookies, you should report that the site uses profiling cookies, then referring to the privacy policy for more information - a simple link to the dedicated page will be enough. If the user does not want to accept the conditions, he or she can close the site.

If only technical cookies are used on the website, just indicate it in the message or in the policies.

If you want to give the user the possibility to decide which cookies to accept and which not, you can use advanced paid solutions or simply indicate in your policies some free services like, for Europe or for the United States. The user will be able to find all the cookies installed on his PC and decide which cookies to block or accept.

Please find here more information about the GDPR:

I am available for further help. Kind regards.

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