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Jamie L.
Jamie L.

How to get header tabs to align with pages?  en

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Bit of a newbie here. 

My tabs at the top of the page won't correctly align with headings on the webpage itself. An example of this is when I click on one of the tabs, it will slide down the webpage but sit between two pages, rather than having the heading for that tab at the top. 

In the picture attached, I have clciked on FAQ tab but its clearly sitting between 2 sections.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Jamie, I am not sure I understand the problem.What do you mean by sitting between 2 sections. You clicked FAQ, did it display the FAQ page or are you trying to display a list of pages within a level or perhaps jump to an achor on the page??

Is there a pre-existing site or is this to be a new site. If so, can you upload your "work in progress" site and provide a link so I can try understand the question?

My website is, all my contact details are there, we are in almost the same time zone :-)

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