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Horst Punzet
Horst Punzet

Hi, I have recently converted my website from Website X5 version 9 to version 17. One of the  en

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I have recently converted my website from Website X5 version 9 to version 17. One of the reasons was to improve its appearance on mobile phones. However after the conversion my website looks like this on mobile phones (iPhone specifically)

On an iPhone it looks like this:

Also the second order button is not working properly, even though the code seems identical to the others. This error appears:

Could you please see what you can do to help.
Thanks very much for your assistance

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Horst, unfortunately your screen shot did not display, but I will take a guess.

Even on a desktop your site at mobile resolution needs work.

You can check the box in title and it will shrink to fit available space, or you could hide the existing title at mobile resolution and replace with 2 line (2 separate title boxes), etc

To fix the blank content at mobile resolution.

In step 4 page, define responsive settings

Go to resolution before mobile and unhide all the objects on the page

As for your paypal issue I am not sure, perhaps you could provide further details (screenshots?) rather than just the error message, I am sure someone here will assist.

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