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Zuzana D.

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I have a problem with a programm Website X5 Evolution  all the time. When I install this programm and first I launch, it is ok. But second or other time, it wants register/licence. I bought this programm to work not always re-installed or register.

Thank you.


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Andre E
Andre E

try to start with left mouse as admin.

if it does not help try:

copy the Incomedia Folder you find in C:/Users/The admin Username/AppData/Local under the same path but under your windows username and then check if the program asks again the activation of the program.

Please keep me updated.

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Elisa B.

Hi there!

Thank you for getting in touch. 

Please check if under C:\Users\ The Admin username \AppData\Local\Incomedia\ there is a folder called WebSite X5 v10 - Evolution and if the licence.iwl file is inside this folder.

If this folder exists and the file is there, copy the folder and paste it under c:\Users\ Your Windows username \AppData\Local\Incomedia and then start the program.

Thanks! Kind regards.

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