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M Taylor

In 2019.1.6 i want to create two different colors for two separate text links on the same page  en

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In 2019.1.6 Pro I would like to create two different colours for two separate text links on the same webpage. one section of the page is blue, the other is white. I want to put a white text link on the blue section and a black text link on the white section. But in 2019.1.6 Pro it appears only one text link colour can be set for both. Can you help, this seems very odd.

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 ‪ KolAsim ‪ ‪

... TEXT + [</>] ...

... x BLUE:

<a style="font-size:22px;text-decoration:none; color:blue" href=""> GOOGLE </a>

... x WHITE:

<a style="font-size:22px;text-decoration:none; color:white" href=""> GOOGLE </a>




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