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Anita B.

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I am trying to set some of a website content to be editable by a client.  I followed the steps in the help for 'How to work with the Dynamic Contect Object'.  But I can't see that it is right wdid:

1. Step 1 Advanced |Access Management - add users

2. Step 3 MAP - I selected the pages I want to be editable and clicked on Properties | Expert and saved the page as .PHP

3. I opened the page text object and selected 'Preview' - I can't see that anything is editable for this so this is where I am stuck.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Giuseppe Guida
Giuseppe Guida

After you have created the user in "Access Management" you have to enter the Login & Logout's Object and insert it into your website (in header or in footer is better) so that you can log in with the credentials of the user created in "Access management" and after you have logged in you will only need to move the mouse over the dynamic objects and click on them to edit them

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