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Andy A.
Andy A.

Re set the analytic log file  en

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We have had a temporary test site running under our main site and have now overwritten our existing site with the new one now fully tested. Is it possible to re set the analytic logs back to zero for the new launch under the admin section ?

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Andy,

Do you refer to WebSite X5's own analytics?  If so then the data is stored in a MySQL database on your server, as I'm sure you probably already know.

You can access this database and edit the values directly using phpMyAdmin, which is available as a tool from most webhost control panels (for example):

The table you are looking for has the suffix 'visits'  -  using phpMyAdmin you can easily and quickly delete every record in that particular table.  Alternatively, you could just delete the entire database and remake the connection in WebSite X5.

The latter is also the best option if you don't have access to phpMyAdmin or another means of accessing the raw data in the database.  However, be aware that if you delete an entire database in WebSite X5 then you will also lose any other data you have stored in it, such as shopping cart data!  However, if your previous site was a test site and you are only now going live then this may not be an issue.

Kind regards,


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Andy A.
Andy A.

Hi Paul.

Many thanks for the pointers. I have managed to empty the table in MySQL and all now re set.

Thanks again.


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