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Kenneth McDermott
Kenneth McDermott

Selected server or destination folder known issue  en

Autore: Kenneth McDermott
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I'm getting the same warning dialog box discussed in another post, which says "The selected server or destination folder does not match the website URL given in the General Settings. Do you want to set it now?" When I click on "No" my site uploads okay, which this answer describes:

"Hi James.
This issue is known and is currently under examination.
There's no need to panic, since the software will still allow you to update your website by clicking "No". This way you're able to successfully update the website just like before while we work to solve this warning issue.
I will be sure to notify you as soon as there's news about it
Thank you

However, this was posted in 2018 so I'm wondering why it has not yet been fixed in the application.



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Andre E
Andre E

It's fixed to my best knowladge, are you sure the adress is correct set in page 1?

check also for https or http or with or without www in the adress name.

Else what's the site / whats the adress you have set in step1?

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
Utente del mese RU

Hello.This happens from time to time.I just click "No" and continue.

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