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Is there any way to freely move an image around in the object?  The image object doesn't necessarily do what I need it to in regards to size and placement.  I tried placing an image in a text object but it messes up all my text because there is no way to move the image where I want it without using the space bar all over the place and then still it isnt positioned correctly depending on what tablet or computer you use to view the site.  Also if there was a way to slightly tilt an image that would be extremely helpful.  

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Andre E
Andre E

You can use the text object and make the text to be set on the left right or both side with button in text object.

But this is difficult and can be wrong on other viewports if it's correct for 1.

But better use the picture object.

If you want to adjust small corrections in height or width use the button margins, this works for every object, you can set inside margins and outside margins.

If you are not sure what does what in these margins then make all kind of different colors for test. Like a different page background, and different colour for object background and fill the object with a different color as well, this gives you a good clue on what is where and it will easyer to adjust, once you get the feel or if adjustement is correct then set all background colours back.


PS If this still does noet work plaese make a screenshot or make a test website with also a screenshout about your wishes.

See also the help file of x5:

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