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I need to restore a project, but i do not have the iwzip-file. 

When i save a project i always use both export and optimize the project AND save homepage to disk.

I export each to the same directory.

Now when i should restore the filtype is iwprj2. This situation is ALL my projects.

I have looked in the Users/Peter/Documents/Incomedia/myproject/ - and here is the file named project.iwprj2.

Is there an alternative way to restore in Websitex5 pro 2019.2.7 ? 

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Peter,

The official advice for restoring from a backup project file is here:

The article is slightly dated but the procedure is similar in the newer versions of WebSite X5.

Note that you need to have access to all the other associated files which WebSite X5 generated...  an .iwprj2 file is but a very small piece of a large jigsaw!

Looking to the future it would be wise to regularly 'Export the Project' as an IWZIP file in Step 5, as this is the only foolproof method of backup when using WebSite X5.  Keep at least two copies of each IWZIP project file, on differing mediums (such as external drive/USB thumb drive/cloud).

Kind regards,


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