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Garry Faegenburg

Unable to determine where a background element on a page is coming from  en

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Hello all,
First I want to thank anyone and everyone in advance who might be able to help me solve this riddle.

I have a website called: or whichever you prefer.

This site is based off of the template called Heavy which I purchased with some credits.

I am starting to get more comfortable finding my way around Website X5 now, but I have a nagging problem on the main page.  ince a picture is worth a thousand words, it would be easier if you went to the site to see what happens on the page.

As you scroll down towards the bottom of the page, you can see where the eight elements fade in from the left and the right.  These elements correspond to the various main sections of the site.  The background behind these elements if I am not mistaken is coming from the template settings (I think).

However, when you get to the point where the 5th and 6th elements fade in, you will notice this annoying white background with a yellow line across the top of it.

I have tried examining all the images in the preview\images subdirectory, and I can't seem to find one that really matches up to it, so that I could potentially get rid of it (although I have noticed how images you delete from a template will magically reappear, forcing you to zap them from the site before and possibly after you publish it).

So my quesion is, does anyone know where in the heck this thing is defined?  It seems odd that the first few elements have the gray background just like I want it, yet this one section of the main page keeps showing this oddball background.

Driving me loopy for sure!  Any ideas?

Thank you again for helping me out here!

P.S. (what is this tags field I am supposed to put in here for this question?  I have just been putting in a couple of quesion marks.  Would like to know what I am actually supposed to add herre so I can be more accurate and hopefully help someone find the appropriate solution to questions.  I am sure it is something important!

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Garry Faegenburg
Garry Faegenburg

Thanks Andre, that did the trick!!  You RULE!

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