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Kevin Prince

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it's me again.

I have a major problem with automatic registration. I started in another thread about this.

But it's escalated so much that it's causing me a problem

So I have deleted all my databases and created a new one.

I can go to my registration page and enter data which appears in the actual table. 

Then if I go to Access management/site settings and try to update the list of users I get this.

Where do I go now, I've checked database numbers, been into the database via ISP and also checked it all from Filezilla. All seems in place.

I've even tried this with a new site from scratch, I end up in the same mess

HELP Please.

Thanks Kevin cryembarassed

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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince


Should I ditch all my websites, uninstall and ther start from scratch or is there a possible fix?


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