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Set default for anchors  en

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I suggest once more, that there could be a way of setting an offset for anchors.

It is very annoying that when using the sticky bar, then the use of anchors is not possible without making dummy space or using code.

I suggest a simple solution:

In settings for X5 there should be a field where you could specify a prefix and a value. Then the software should add some code like this:

div[id^='Anchor'] {
top: 0px;

The default name for the prefix could be : Anchor and the default value for the prefix could be 0.

This should make it possible for the user to specify anchors like Anchor01, Anchor02, Anchor03 and Anchor04 and then the the offset is set to 0 for these anchors. This will make no sense, but when the setting 0 for the offset is changed to let's say -50, then the use of the anchors will have an offset of -50 and if the height of the sticky bar is 50px then it will function.

If a user makes a page where he uses code to "remove" the sticky bar, then he can name anchors for that page xAnchor01, xAnchor02, xAnchor03 and then there will be no offset for those anchors.

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