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Neil E.

Help - Update 2021.2.7 Issues - Lost Pojects  en

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Hi All,

I am hoping someone out there can help!
Following the update the 'existing project' in the 'Open project' section has ben wiped clear.

I had 5 websites that i am in the middle of working on, some very complex! I can see the "woking files" in the folder sections of the PC, but only have the option to import on X5 Evo....which is asking for a *iwzip file format, that isn't present in any of the folders. 

I assume the *iwzip file format is for a backup file as i have managed to open old backups, however the files i am working on were not completed...not backed up! 

Hopefully someone can point me to a solution as i really don't want to start these again!

Many Thanks


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Andre E
Andre E

Check if the project folder is correct in the preferences menu that can be found in the startup page 

shoould be like this:

C:\Users\your(pc)name\Documents\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Evo\

or in case you have Profesional;

C:\Users\your(pc)name\Documents\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Professional\

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Neil E.
Neil E.

Thank you for this.

It seems that the update has created a new Preference folder (Website X5 - Evo)
I checked the previous folders, found the projects and dragged and dropped into the new folder.

Now there are showing in the current projects and available to work on (after conversion to the new version)

Thank you for that. 

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