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Christine C.
Christine C.

Hi All Can anyone show me how to create to be able to use different languages?  en

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Hi All

Can anyone show me how to create my website  wit different languages?  maybe you could show me with screen shots as I am not very good with this program Thank You Christine

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Christine, to the best of my knowledge you can simply duplicate your website (select it and before opening the project, select copy), carry out the translation and save it. Upload it to the web (I recommend https://yourdomain/language)

Then for your primary domain you can create an entry page (step 1, advanced, entry page)

Here you can play with the options and select where to find the other language version of your site. Link it to where you stored the site on the web.

Does that make enough sense??

You can also include reciprocal links on each site back to the other language.

(NB I have never developed a multi-language site, I am not guessing, but equally I have not done it, good luck! :-)

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