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Posting into text object from Word  en

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Coping a .doc file into a text object in X5 creates a problem with spacing being paragraphs.

The Word document is set to create a space of 8pt between the end of of a paragraph and the start of the next.

When the Word doc is copied into Website X5, it looks ok in preview, but after loading up to the server, it reverts to single spacing. So, I open the page in X5 and add back a carriage return to the end of each paragraph and reload to the server.

Now the text show as a double space, both from the website and the text object in X5. (How does upload to the service change the text spacing in the text object within X5?) So back into X5 to use the backspace to remove the extra carriage return between paragraphs and then another upload.

Now the page looks as it should, both on the web and in the text object and the preview in X5.

This is a lot of extra work. (three separate uploads for one page to get loaded.) Why does this happen? I would expect a WYSIWYG experience from preview in X5 to viewing on the web.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Gregory, the problem here is word as it contains many control characters. Far better to copy only plain text. I recommend you either save the doc as a text file or copy the required text to a new text file. Save it and then open the text file and then copy and paste from it.

WX 5 will then have total control over formatting.

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