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Marcus C.
Marcus C.

403 Forbiden code with blogs  en

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I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do withWS_5 Pro but wanted to see if anyone has had this problem before, as I chase this problem down.

Our site is very active with blogs, and all working fine for past several years. Understanding that each blog is given it’s URL i.e.”blog title” (which is the og:url meta tag given).

All of a sudden the URL is rendering the 403 Forbidden. when sharing on Facebook, Triter ands others. However when hitting the blog page via”blog title” works like a charm. “title” Gets 403 code. “title” works great,

After doubling checking all the prodical settings, and not able trace down my break down. Only occurs when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc, as they really use the mete tags the most.

Just tought I would put it out there for any ideas,,,,,  running on apache server.

Thanks much !!!


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Miguel Galarza
Miguel Galarza

Hi Marcus.

It happened to me a few days ago with a page.
The problem was the .htaccess file.

There was a label that said something like that (sorry I don't remember exactly how it was)

<File 403.shtm>
file allow, deny
allow all deny

Deleting that tag resolved the issue.

To download the .htacces and review it go to step 5 - export the site to the internet (but don't upload anything)
Open the folder to see the contents of your site's destination folder (see image) and download the .htaccess.
Do not close the window.

Locate the downloaded .htaccess file and open it with an editor (I use notepad++ but you can open it with windows notepad or similar if you use another system, as long as it's plain text).

Check if you have that tag described above with the 403 error and delete that tag.

NOTE: be careful not to delete other lines.

Save the .htaccess and go back to the program WSX5. Delete the .htaccess that is on the website and then upload the edited .htaccess.

With that I solved my problem.
I hope it solves yours too.

Good day.

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Marcus C.
Marcus C.

Thanks Miguel !

This was a big help!  I located and found that the “blog” folder was missing it’s own .htaccess file that got deleted somehow. The only command in that file was is to identify the default page for that directory only, "DirectoryIndex index.php”,  thus then able to then call up the automatically generated og:url meta tag WSx5 gives each post/blog.

All fixed, thanks again, big help!


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