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Hugo F.

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bonjour, je viens de mettre à jour la V8 (achetée il y a 1 mois) avec la V9...

Dans la foulée et avant d'importer des V8 vers V9, je vais changer de PC...

Quelle est la marche à suivre, car avec ces histoires de licence etc...j'ai peur de planter !

Merci de vos réponses

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Riccardo P.

Hi Hugo,

  • License to purchase as an upgrade to provide for the replacement (upgrade) of the previous version.
  • As already done for previous editions, the intent is to replace the old version with the latest edition in progress.
  • Incomedia allows the installation of version 9 on the same PC where you installed the version 8 because there are no compatibility issues.
  • It 'also possible to install version 9 on another PC, provided they meet the conditions of the license or the installation on 2 PCs, while not used by the subscriber of license.
  • The user is free to uninstall version 8 at any time.
  • You can still install  a new version 8, for example, if you format your PC or installing a new PC. In this case, however, will need to contact Incomedia providing guidance on the matter.

The purchase of a new license instead means:

     install the version 9 of PC 2, the same where you installed the new version 8 or 2 PC
     the simultaneous use of version 8 and version 9

You can install the Evolution 9 in you new pc. if you need to install the evolution 8 you can send us the computer code.

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