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Peter P.

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I have also problems with the photogallery. I made my site in WebsiteX evolution 9 and exported it to evolution 10. My computer is windows XP SP3 professional.

Every photo in the gallery to  which I added a link  under the tab 'list' and then 'options' appears no longer on the internet or gives an image generator error. When I look to preview of the page in WebsiteX5 all seems well.


I gave a description to all the photo's in the galleries. In several cases I used an asteriks * in the description. These photo's in the galleries also no longer appear / show image generator images. Maybe this happens also with others signs like $ ^ & etc. When I look to preview of the page in WebsiteX5 all seems well.

I deleted all these photo's and renewed them but the error stays. 

I'm sorry to say, but with Evolution 10 I spend lots of hours because the program doesn't work as it should (shut down, update, help function etc, now the gallery). I bougt Evolution 9 in august 2012 you offered € 20 discount on upgrading to Evolution 10. In my eyes not much but okay, I bought it. However I am very disappointed. Your product was not good enough devellopped. Maybe Incomedia should think how to compensate. Especially Windows XP users. 

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Claudio D.

Hello Peter,

Can you please try to press CTRL and then start the preview to see if the images are visible in the Preview because the sign in the description is not causing this issue but this happens if the images in V9 were no more in the original location from they were added in the project.

Many thanks!

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Peter P.
Peter P.

Hello Claudio,

The Images were still on the same place. And really: only the photo's with a link and the foto's with an asteriks *  in the description didn't appear anymore (more than 20 photo's!)

 However, my previous WindowsXP computer was instable and I bought a new one on Windows 8. I hope eveything will work fine now. 

Thanks for your comment. I'll make this item 'Solved' as I use a new computer


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