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Treflyn Jones

Unlock v8 from Trial version  en

Autore: Treflyn Jones
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I upgraqded my X5 V8 yesterday and then I encountered many problems.

I then uninstaled X5 and re-installed it again.  But the registration process will not complete. The website will not resolve when I try to get the unlock code.

I am now running it in trial mode (???) how do I again try to register X5.  Do I have to re-intall it, I cannot see anywere to request the unlock code when the program is in trial mode?

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Steve J.

Hello Treflyn, you cannot unlock starting from the trial version. Please uninstall, download the full version from the Download Area here (menu at the right) and proceed with the Unlock. Wink

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Pcssa .
Pcssa .

. . . please remember:

. . installing v8 is a little bit different as v9:

-> install v8 as full-version

-> when code will be shown ask for Inco-code which will arrive by email (where you registered first) or have a look to your profile if its there

-> put the second code in

-> terminate full-installation . . .

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