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Nigel W.
Nigel W.

Copying and Pasting file names  en

Autore: Nigel W.
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When an author creates a slide show and/or picture gallery it would be very useful to be able to copy and paste the file name straight from the gallery's/slide show's list of files.

For those of us with many such galleries, the present process involves copying the file name from our hard drives and then pasting it into the description panel of the gallery/slide show.

Things would be a lot easier.

Currently, one can right click on the file name within the gallery and save it. Better if there was a "copy" function, too.

Best wishes,

Nigel Winder 

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Claudio D.

Hello Nigel,

Thank you very much for this suggestion which we will take in consideration for the future releases of the program.

Many thanks!

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