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Alhaarith A.
Alhaarith A.

Copy entire Sitemap / Menu form one project to another.  en

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Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to copy Sitemaps (the entire menus and page contents) from one project to another? I was using one project as the template for 12 other projects but only realised after I'd finished that the content of the website stayed the same and I was just changing the aesthetics for each one.

Thank you.

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Andre E
Andre E

I am not sure if I understand correct, but you can do a lot in x5, you can create a copy of your project (in project selection), then handle that copy the way you wish.

If you need templates changes then save your template (open the project with the correct template, goto step1 template selection then custom template, click add.

Now you use that template on any of your copy.

Hope this helps,


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