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Michael Whiteley

The iwprj file for my site is missing  en

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I have been using Website X5 Evolution 12 to design my website, which has gotten somewhat complex. I made the default project folder location on a second HD (not C:) which I do with files and folders that I don't want to lose if I ever have to reinstall windows. Recently I found it necessary to "refresh" my windows installation and afterward the only iwprj file I can find is an older one from very early in the site creation. All of the files and folders for the site are still in the right place but no current iwprj file. Is there any way to recreatew or modify the iwprj file so that I don't have to recreate the entire site?

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Andre E
Andre E


You will always need the iwprj file or the iwzip file. try to find files with those extensions on all of your drive's. If you can't find them then you need to start from the older one I fear.

An iwzip file is a backup of your project created in step 5. It's always a nice extra option, especially if you have made a lot of changes, or every now and then to create one on a seperate medium (mem stick or ext drive)

Hope you will find one of these .... else you can use the data on the website to speed up getting the older file back to order, but this is copy and past data. So still some work.


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