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Charlene G.

Object Debugger - changing OG properties  en

Autor: Charlene G.
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Hi,I am using WebsiteX5 Evol. 12. I am confused about tagging things correctly. For example, when I try to post a webpage on Facebook, it does not provide the correct image. I have run FB's Object Debugger and get error messages that I need to fix the "og.url," "og.title," "og.image,"and "og.description."  Is there someplace in the properties for each page that I can work on those?  Also, a general question - in the general settings for my website title, website description, and website author all have our company name. Seems redundant when it shows up on posts. Am I wrong in putting our company name in each of these fields? Any feedback is very much appreciated for this novice ....

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Claudio D.

Hello Charlene,

Facebook uses the data you add in step 1 as OG data. Can you please write me the link to the page you want to share on facebook so I can verify it?

Many thanks!

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