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Dawid Godawa
Dawid Godawa

Importing a program from x5 Demo to x5 Evo ! Need help ASAP Please  en

Autor: Dawid Godawa
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HI all,

I started a project in X5 Demo and now I bught the X5 evo and when I tried to import my website from Demo to Evo it will not let me. I need help ASAP please.


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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Dawid,

I hope you have the demo version of EVO the pro will not work. This is because the pro version has items that EVO just can't handle.

But I think you used the pro Demo version, in that case you need to buy the pro version or start from scratch in EVO.

There where some posts on the subject here in the helpdesk;

v12 and v13 work the same for the preference folder, but again, demo of EVO can be imported in both versions, the demo of pro only in the Pro version.

You can use the preview of the demo or some items and copy them to pro with ctrl-c and ctrl-v, you can use both versions next to eachother, this may save some time (like copy long texts) but that is about it i am afraid.

Best Regards,

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