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Geoff J.
Geoff J.

V14 Pro test site uploaded and page formatting lost  en

Autor: Geoff J.
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I've recently purchased the latest version and have been trying out some of the functionality. All appears good on a local PC and browser (both IE & Mozilla). I have a responsive website set. Initally, all appeared good, but since the latest upload to the test area, the page formatting is lost when you first access the site. If I choose one of the (currently blank pages) , then use the Home Page button, the lost formatting is restored and the page displays correctly. Anybody have an idea why ?

Test website address :

Many thanks


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Andre E
Andre E

Are there old files in the folder of this test object?

I suggest to remove all files from the folder, then do a full upload.

Check site but first press F5. and see if it is solved.

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