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I exported a page from v.12 pro to v. 14 pro, but my header pic is no longer responsive.

I had to go back and upload fra v.12. I had hoped i would be happy for the new v.14 but maybe i dont understand how it works.

my page (now in v12 pro) is

Can anyone in easy terms explain for me what to do?

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..


In V14 you can have a separte header image for each resolution, you can even have a different header size for each resolution (step 2 Template/Template Structure).

To fix your header picture issue, go to step 2 Template/Template content. Assuming your header looks fine in desktop view, select the next lower resolution. Here you can either hide the existing header image (select the image then click show/hide and select hide for this and lesser resolutions) this would allow you to use a totally different image (or images) if you wished.


Simply resize the image for this resolution (this will not alter the desktop size). Select the image and 8 handles will appear, you can drag the handles in and proportionally resize the image to suit the available space.

You will need to do similar for each lesser resolution.

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Elisa B.

Hi Poul,

please follow Esahc's useful suggestions and if you keeo having difficulties please export the website, even in a temporary folder, so we can see the issue.

Thanks! Kind regards.

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