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Palden Jenkins
Palden Jenkins

AddThis social buttons work on X5 browser but not online  en

Autor: Palden Jenkins
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I am on Website X5 13 and Windows 10.

I have installed AddThis buttons on a website, inside an HTML object, and all instructions from AddThis have been correctly followed.

The buttons show up correctly on the X5 internal browser but not when uploaded online. (Tested on PC browsers and an iPhone.)

This is the website:

Attached is a screenshot of the front page, as seen on the X5 internal browser, showing the buttons.

Any tips, please? Thanks.

Palden (Cornwall, UK)

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Andre E
Andre E

Why not use the build in AddThis button?

Goto a page in step 4 press top right manage button, update the next screen with button on top.

Install AddThis option (remember the categorie -social-)

press ok, select top right filter for social and use the object as you normaly do.

Let me know if this works better.

Best Regards

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