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Alan Bennett

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Autor: Alan Bennett
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I have bought the RSS Object from the marketplace as I want to show visitors to my website an interesting news feed from another website.

This object is so simple to serup, all you need is to change the option at the top to "News from another website RSS Feed". Then insert the required feed address in the next box. setup appearance then upload modified website.

But it diesnt work! I have tried 4 different feeds and all i get from the object box on the published website is "cannot open this link"

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Stefano G.

Hi Alan.

This sounds indeed very weird, and I would like to be able to test this personally as to be able to help you out better.

Would it be possible for you to write down here some of the URLs to RSS feeds you used so that I might try and perform your same test? So I can try and insert them in a new RSS feed object.

Also, if possible, post the link to your URL so that I might test it there too.

Keep me posted on this

Thank you


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