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Jeanne Ganer-tolsøe
Jeanne Ganer-tolsøe

Transfer from v11 to new webSite 5. evolotion  en

Autor: Jeanne Ganer-tolsøe
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When I transfer WebSiteX5 v11 Web site to WebSite 5 evolution (new) I get a message - a local file header is corrupted - there are no issues in the old v11. how do i transfer the website to the new version?

Where can I possibly. find the error in the old version?

Could it possibly be the main file where I made pictures that change?

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Andre E
Andre E

It can't find a file, this can be a pictture.

debugging page by page and then after knowing the page, object for object is a way to find out, not nice but a way, i hope you dan't have many pages, else you need to debug in page bundles.

make a copy of your project and remove part by part this kopie project export it until error is gone.

You could also try to see if the website optimizer helps.

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Elisa B.

Hi Jeanne, 

The project seems to have a large size, in this case you have to follow this steps in order to import it in version 17:

-Once you have the .iwzip file, rename it as .zip (if you do not see the filename extensions you have to enable them from the Windows control panel).

-Then extract the contents of the file into a folder, you can use a default program like 7zip or select "extract" from the Windows menu.

-Select the contents you have extracted in the folder and recreate the .zip storage (to do this you can use either the Windows default compressor or 7zip).

-Then rename the file you have just created from .zip to .iwzip, so to import it into version 17 by clicking on the specific button "import" and by selecting the file.

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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