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Rachel A.
Rachel A.

Incorrect display of cards in new update  en

Autor: Rachel A.
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Hi, After updating to v 2019.2.5 when i preview my pages it will only display one shopping card per row even tho i have 3 selected in settings in product catolog. first image is preview in x5 and second is my site now. i do not want to upload if it will display like this. Any help will be much appriciated

Thanks Rachel

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Rachel, try reducing the cover size to less than 50%

I received the following feedback when I mentioned the issue.

Right now, the general rule for size is this:

The "CONTENT" section of the product CANNOT go under 200px in size (width)

This means that whenever the Text content (description) of the Object goes under 200px during a resize, the layout will be changed.

This has been made in order to improve the readability of the description for products compared to the versions before.

Then (as now) I did not agree with this imposed limitation introduced in v2019.2 but was unsuccessful requesting the limitation be removed.

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