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Suggestion to Create "Card Structure" for Shop Product cards in the "Template" section  en

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I want to suggest hopefully for a future update, the creation of a "Product Card" Template that would appear in the "Template" portion of WX5.  Currently, we can only slightly modify the way our Product Catalog Object appear in the shop.  However, sometimes, this distorts the information in the Product Cards when different devices are used causing descriptions to be cut off or harder to scroll within the smaller box, and so on.

I am suggesting that if possible, you create the product cards to have a bit more flexibility as to how we outline the look of product cards to appear, by choosing things such as WHERE our price may appear, where the description appears, where the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" button appears on the card, how big or small the image itself may appear and where we want it to appear, and so on. 

ALSO, with this design, it would be possible to add the Audio Player widget into the card for those of us who sell audio type digital products, whether audio books, mp3 music files, sound samples, etc.  While a lot of people sell products that are not digital or audio in nature, there are quite a lot of us that DO sell audio type digital products, so being able to somehow implement an audio or video player into our Shop Cards for each product would also be very helpful.  At this current time, I find that the Audio Player plugin widget does not work well for me to add it separately beside my shop products because of not properly aligning when using different devices.

This "Product Card Structure" feature would work similar to how the "Template Content" feature works in the "Template" section of WX5, where we are allowed to modify how the Product Catalog Object would appear in terms of where we would set up the name to appear, the price, a Audio or Video player, or other plugins / widgets.  At this time, the "Template Content" allows us to be very versatile with how we make the menu appear, the main image, and also allows us to add things like Text, Image, Table, Audio Player, and just about any of the Objects Plugins that WX5 allows.  However, with the Product Object Catalog, we are a lot more restricted in how this appears.  Allowing it to work similar to how "Template Content" works would allow much more flexibility and even allow us the ability to add Audio or Video to our product cards.

I hope this gets forwarded to the Development Team and that it is highly considered as an update, as I think it would make Website X5 that much more powerful to create websites with.  My main hope is that the Product Object Catalog settings becomes more flexible and allows us to create how we want our product cards to appear, as well as the ability to also add some of the Object Plugins into our cards.

If any of you agree with this post, please give it a +1 as I hope with the more +1's that are given, the more the developers will consider this feature.  Thank you in advance.

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