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Richard Van Zanten
Richard Van Zanten

End of PHP 7.2 support, when do we have an upgrade to 7.3?  en

Autor: Richard Van Zanten
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I received the information from my website host (mijn that I use a version of php which is not supported at the end of this year. they using 7.3.

When can we expect an update for this?

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Richard,

You don't need to worry about this.  WebSite X5 will work correctly with all versions of PHP from 5.6 up to and including 7.3

If you would like to upgrade the version of PHP installed on your server then that is a matter for your webhost as opposed to WebSite X5.  If you contact them I'm sure they will assist you further.

In general it's good practice to try to use the most recent version of PHP available to you on your server.  WebSite X5 is kept updated to ensure it remains compatible with newer versions of PHP as they are released.  However, it is already compatible with version 7.3 and indeed has been for some months now.

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