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Serkan O.
Serkan O.

Existing page contents arent seen in X5 Pro page builder  en

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Hi. When i run current Website X5 Pro app in order to update my page contents, i cant see existing contents on all pages. This bug proceeds since august and it arises very frequently. Although i run app as administrator or i run app after cancellation of my antivirus program, i cant achieve to see page contents. Thusi cant update my pages. Beforehand i had X5 Evo, i had never encountered with this bug. X5 Pro is troubled verson. Why does Incomedia programmers solve this issue for many months? 

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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Hello.Please give a link to a page where you do not see the changes and show how it looks in the program.

You do not see the new content on the hosting or in the built-in browser, too?

Try to clear your browser’s cache, try deleting all site files from the hosting and uploading it to the hosting again.

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