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Version 16 crashing  en

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I installed Professional 16.3.1 and it worked fine all day then crashed.  It said it would save my work in a temporary file and I can not find it.  Is there an update patch.  Before it shutdown it asked to fill out a report and I did.  Then it shut down.

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There can be many reasons for a crash, not least of which is windows, but when a new project is taking shape empty objects on a page and changes to header can contribute.

Open wx5, if there was a successful temp file saved you will be offered the option to open it. If that is not there, select backup and if one exists select it and select redo.

For future peace of mind, visit step 5 and export project (often). When complete rename it with unique date time. This is a reliable backup. Do not trust built in backup, it will fail you.

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