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On my webiste on mobile devices, there is a black area, that covers a part of text in header on moblie devices. ON PC, you can see all the text in header, Nom problem

The file attached, is a screendump from my cellphone. Can I do something, so you can see all the tect in header    

I use version       X5 version 13

Thank you for helping                                           

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Andre E
Andre E
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Yes, goto step2 template -> customization -> template structure

Then select on the left the black line (below 480px) this is the template for your mobile screen.

adjust the menu or header so that they show up as you wish.

On your preview you can see the same colours on top so you can adjust every screen to your liking, standard there are 4 screens. the red one is the desktop template.

See if you adjust templates that you set the width of your preview screen as low as possible in the screen (colour) you would like to adjust.

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