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Michael H.

Row Formats Grouping rows I don't want grouped  en

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I am addidng the parallax effect to certain rows on the site im building, however when I click row formats the rows are locked together and wont allow me to unlock them, making the parallax effect continue onto rows I dont want it on. 

I have reset the display order in the responsive tab as it sometimes works but often it still wont allow me to.

Is there another method? I dont understand the purpose of not allowing the user to choose which rows are locked and which are not, this limitates me often.

I have circled the row giving me issues in image attached. I want the parallax effect on the text but nothing else.

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Andre E
Andre E

Michael H.

This is because the responsive settings are not in sequential order, then you are obligated to set rowformats for that order and you can't change in that case the rowformat.

Goto responsive settings and set a normal top to bottem order for every row, then the row formats are released.


locked row formats for row 1 and 2 if responsive setting is like this:

Now the row formats are locked:

Not locked row formats because responsive settings follow standard top bottom for row's:

use of row formats not locked:

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