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Bert E.
Bert E.

How to change pictures templates  en

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Hello. I work several years with X5 and make my templates mostly myself. Now I want to use a downloaded template but I do not succeed in changing the pictures. I can put in my own picture, see it for a second but then it is replaces by the picture of the template. For instance the template Myholidays. The pictures of the templates can not be removed. I have read al you instructions about pictures and how to change them in templates but it was of no use. What goes wrong?

Regards, Bert 

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Andreas S.
Andreas S.

If you mean the background image, then this is activated under 4 in the row style at the top 2 rows.
Or do you mean the logo "MyHolyday" which is inserted in the header and in the stickybar.

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