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Fermin Chong Wong
Fermin Chong Wong

Problem with e-mail form object  en

Autor: Fermin Chong Wong
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I have a website  The e-mail form object worked fine when I created (wuth Website X5 Prof. version 10), now it seems to be working. Don't know why.

I just created a new website: the e-mail form seems not to be working. I have sent several e-mails and NONE is received. I changed to use a hotmail account, still it does not work. Why can I do? Is there something I've been missing?

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Given that your version of WX5 is so old, the problem is possibly that your host has updated support files to meet today's standards. Please see this post.

Please also be aware that most hosts only support domain email addresses (not Hotmail, Gmail, etc).

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