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Joe M.
Joe M.

Missing images and links when importing a project to another computer  en

Autor: Joe M.
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I refer to the posting "Project management in v9". I am facing the same problem. Solution suggested by Incomedia mentions to not change the default link folder but i have to change the folder. As a result, all my images related to the project is not properly transferred from the origin pc to another. Is there a solution to this long standing problem? FYI, I exported from another computer using the Export function of WSX5E9, then imported using the Import function. The file is a IWZIP file.

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Claudio D.

Hello Joe,

I already answered you at you can follow that post to find the solution.

I ask you kindly to open only one post for question: It’s better for you, because you need to follow less posts, and also for the community, that can use better the internal search engine.

Many thanks!

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