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Elena` K.

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Autor: Elena` K.
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Hello! I have some questions which concern the way of adding comments to the blog.

First, could you, please, let me know if it possible to answer specific comments? I mean, that now there is a comment belt where everyone has to look for his/her answer. But I want the guest can find the answer on the specific question easily.

Then, is it possible that the guests get email confirmations when the answers to the questions have been published?

And how can I allow my guests to leave their comments without entering their emails and names every time? Thank you for answering!

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Claudio D.

Hello Ana,

At the moment there is no option to answer to a specific entry of the guestbook and also to send a confirmation when it's approved is also not present.

The guestbook requests the name and email, so you will be able to identify who wrote and also to give you some protection from spamming bots which writes automatically.

I would like to suggest that you open an "Idea" Post where you describe to us the feature you would like to see implemented in the future releases of WebSite X5.

Please feel free to write back if you need more information.

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