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Jesse J.

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I have a question about the capabilites of the software. I apologize I asked this once before with an old version and I don't think it was possible. I cannot get the post to load. I got an email for a new version so I wanted to ask again. In reading information on the website it looked like it might now be possible with the Professional version.

Is it possible to charge people to register to access password protected content? I think online it's often referred to as a membership website. 

With my current website that I need to re-design, I provide online training and people pay for a monthly or annual membership to sign up. 

I was wondering if I could re-build my website with this program. It has a lot of other great features but I need that one.

I thought maybe I could link the registeration page with the check out page or something like that. It would be easier if I did not have to register customers manuallly which I think might of been my only option in past versions if I remember correctly.

Thank you for your time.

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Jesse,

The additions to version 11 unfortunately do not cover the feature you describe.

It is possible to use WebSite X5 to help achieve what you would like to do, but not 'out-of-the-box'.

You would need to know quite a bit about PHP programming and MySQL databases...  you could insert your own custom code into X5 in various ways.

However, such implementations wouldn't qualify for customer support as such, as they don't form part of X5's native features.

You might be able to find an X5 experienced developer from the community who may be willing to help you with this?

Kind regards,


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