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Umit K.
Umit K.

Page Content Widht Problem  en

Автор: Umit K.
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Hi, I have a problem with page Content Size

I want to use 1920 pixel widht for page content. But I can't.

There is a way for this ? Or limited 975 pixels ?

Thank You

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Umit Kadaifci,

If you want a width of 1920px for page contents then you must first set the header width to 1920...  you do that in Step 1 General Settings > Template Style > Main Template Structure > Page Section (dropdown menu) > Header > Size/Width

Please see the helpfile for further details:

The actual width of the website pages is given by the width of the Page Contents section (that depends on the width of the Header), minus the left and right margins.

Kind regards,


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