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Moga S.
Moga S.

How can i make another blog on the same site ?  en

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Hello there!! 

A few months ago i bought Incomedia X5 Evolution. I am verry happy with it. But now i reach a dead end and i do not know how to get out. The tings are like this. 

My site is about art... mostly. I have on it a small catalog of products, and a little blog. Nothing fancy. But now i want to add somethig else. The only problem i have is this: 

To do that thing that i want, i need somethig like a blog, because it will be in chapters (like the enties of a blog) .

But i already have a blog as you can see in the image (Almanah section -- the red line) 

But for the "The island" section, the orange line, i do not know if i can duplicate that special page section called <"Wood" you look at that> . If i can than everythig would be easy to do. 

Is there a possibility to do it. Please advice.  

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John S.
John S.

Hello Moga

You could make one or more subsites.

If your site is, then you could make a subdirectory blog1 and make a site for this

It would be

You could also have a

If you are hosted at you could use their blog. It is rather good. Here you can allow/disallow users to make new posts and also allow/disallow users to make comments to posts.

You could also wait to see if the blog features are better in the new version.

If not it is better in the new version, you could use some free blog-software. The existing X5-blog-features are not very good.

Kind regards

John S.

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