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What is a "deprecated" Object?  en

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An Object may be "deprecated" for various reasons.

It means that:

  1. the Object will not be developed any further,
  2. the Object will no longer be distributed.

So, if you haven't already installed it, you will no longer find the deprecated Object in the software's Object Management window, or in the Object section of the Marketplace.

If you have already installed a deprecated Object and are using it in one of your projects, don't worry:

  • you will continue to see it among the available Objects and you will be able to use it,
  • when you decide to remove it from your projects, you will be able to use another Object, or another feature in the software, that does the same job.

Remember: if you update your WebSite X5 licence (for example, you upgrade from version 13 to version 14), you will not be able to install an Object that has been deprecated. If you have used an object in your project, that has now been deprecated, it will be replaced by an HTML Object in the conversion process: this means that the page will maintain its original composition but you will have to intervene on its code to make changes to it.

In conclusion, we recommend that you stop using a deprecated Object and update your projects, using only currently-supported Objects.