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Ludwig E.

Site analysis does not match sitemap  en

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When I analyse my website in the menue "Export", a great deal of my sitemap is missing. I tried repeatedly to run the analysis, but all pages in my folder "Issues" are missing. How can I correct this?

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Andre E
Andre E

The analysis is there to check up settings, The errors you need to handle, tho others are optional and are mostly as reminder. They do not always need a solution, this is for the information definatly always the case. (three selection filters on top)

The analysis checks your site on error's, it is not a copy of your sitemap.

use the buttons on top top to show different kind of error's

Mostly it could be that pictures are not set in your sitemap, this is mostly not needed anyway.

But this tree you see should be as less or small as possible, and error's should be 0, every option/page you see have an alert or information message.

just check the alerts, click the page you see (so if page is not shown you don't have any issues this is good!!) the alert on and then decide if you need to adress it or not.

I would recommend to check the header and footer, these need to be correct (maybe except for alt text picture warnings)

See also:

Let me know if you need more information.

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