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How WebSite X5 updates and assistance are managed  en

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We want you to get the best from WebSite X5, that’s why we focus our daily commitment on the program development and improvement. You can use one of the available channels to get in touch with us and receive the needed support.

Software update

We are constantly working at the software development in all its multiple aspects, from the simple bug fix to the introduction of new functionalities.

We periodically release either an update of the current version or a new software version in accordance the quality and quantity of the modifications applied.

If your Licence is active, you have the full guarantee that you will receive free updates for 12 months after the software registration.

Note: Updates are released for the current version only. For a better user experience, we therefore kindly suggest you to always work with the most updated version of the software.

Customer Support

You can use one of the following channels to get in touch and receive the needed support:

  • Help Center - Technical Assistance
    Help Center is the right place to solve any technical issue related to the software. Our experts, the moderators and the other users of the Community are ready to provide you with tips and solutions in most of the supported languages.
    We guarantee our  technicians will provide technical assistance for the current WebSite X5 version, as well as for those published in the 24 months prior to its release.
  • Email and Social media accounts - Commercial Assistance
    If you have any question about prices and offers, or if you have not registered yet and you want to learn more about WebSite X5, please contact us at *** or on our Facebook page.
  • Telephone - Software activation or access to Help Center
    If you are having difficulties registering any version of the software, or if you can’t log into our Help Center, you can call us at +39 0125 19 25 777
    Mon - Fri  8:30AM-1:00PM 2:00PM-5:30PM (CET/CEST)