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Bernard P.
Bernard P.

Want to insert graphics to a text page. from word document  en

Автор: Bernard P.
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I have a word document with several small graphics.

How do I create a page with this document.

I tried exporting to HTML  but the graphics became a dead link.

I know I can create text boxes and graphics boxes.

Dont realy want to have lots of text boxes and graphics boxes if I can help it.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Bernard. In word, right click on every image and save each to a suitable location, then copy all the text to the clipboard and it can be pasted into a text cell (it is recommended you first paste all text to a text document, save it, open it then copy the text before pasting into WX5, this guarantees all control characters are stripped from document).

Once the text is in WX5 you can insert (and resize, justify, wrap text, etc) anywhere you wish by placing each image where required.

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